Oasis 23 Panels for Auntie Maim

The panel schedule for Oasis 23 has been posted! Here are my panels:


What is the future of publishing?  / panelist, Friday at 3pm


What is selling in Horror? / moderator, Saturday at 10am


Sex at 10 / panelist, Saturday at 10pm (this is an annual topic favorite, discussing sex in writing and entertainment).


Charles Darwin and the origins of the undead. / panelist, Sunday at 12pm


As always, if you visit this website and go to the convention, please do stop by my table (or catch me after a panel) and say hi. Got any writing questions while we’re at it? I’d love to discuss them with you.

The looong wait for May 7 (or, feening for Iron Man2)

I was very late in seeing Iron Man (in theaters back in May 2008). I intended to see it in the theater way back then, but like many movies, it was the one that got away (yes, I miss a lot of things I intend to see). Then I got busy and never noticed the DVD release, either, so…. Suffice to say, I finally saw it in March 2010 (on vacation, and my boyfriend had the DVD). It completely bowled me over, and I became instantly obsessed with seeing the sequel.

Alas, I have a long wait. Yeah, I know, April 9 is not that far away from May 7, but when you factor in how obsession can make time drag, it can seem like an eternity.

Well, I have to run – the people who have been waiting since May 2008 are gathering outside, and some of them have pitchforks….

Gearing up for Oasis 23 in Orlando!

Oasis 23 (a most excellent Science Fiction convention) put on by OASFiS is coming up on Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida and Auntie Maim will be there along with many other guests (check out the Blogroll on the left for the Oasis link for all the details).

I’ll have a table at this one, so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi. The panel schedule is still being worked out, but I should be on some of them.

See you all there!