Arrhythmic Souls

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Arrhythmic Souls, A Zine for the Edge of the Map…

Note: The zine has been on hiatus, but back issues are still available. It may be resumed in the future as time allows. – Auntie Maim.

This is a place for those who march to their own rhythm. It features articles, reviews, interviews, columns, poetry, short fiction, and art.

Intended to be a bi-annual zine, the issues are planned to be completed for Spring/Summer on April 1st and for Fall/Winter on October 1st, beginning with our sixth issue, Spring/Summer 2009. However, as the Editor has gotten a lot busier lately, the zine may become a one issue a year project until the former schedule can be resumed. However, submissions are always welcome and will be individually considered as time allows.

Submissions for the new issue will be considered and selected as soon as the last issue is completed, but submissions must be received for consideration at least one month ahead of the March 1st or September 1st deadlines. Accepted submissions are paid a modest fee after the “permission to publish” form is filled out and sent in. For details, click the link below and send us an email.

Send inquiries about submissions or other questions and comments to:

To order a copy of the zine, click the link below, which leads to the Print Shop storefront hosted by

Auntie Maim Print Shop

The zine issues are available as print copies or downloads.

Beginning with issue #2, the zine features reviews of books and films by noted reviewer Gary Roen. The column, titled “Table of Roen” will be a good place to see what’s new and what it’s all about.

While Lulu’s manufacturing costs have driven our issue prices higher than we wanted, we think the zine is well worth a look. To keep prices down as much as we could, we set our profit per issue lower than 25 cents. We will continue to look into better and more affordable ways to bring the print version of the zine to you. In the meantime, we’re offering an economical download of each issue!

Single issues will be available as they are completed. Subscription options and distribution in retail stores is being explored as well. In addition, as time and possible future increase to the staff allows, we may return to the quarterly format or even become a monthly magazine.

*Note: Please send submissions that have been edited and proofed for typos, grammar, etc. It’s a shame when we fall in love with a submission but can’t use it due to extensive errors. If we are seriously interested in your submission but it needs editing, we may contact you to discuss the matter. Thanks!