A Jungian gripes about Freud…

I had a dream last night (I won’t call it a weird dream, because I’ve had a lot stranger ones) but it none-the-less made me reach for a book on dream interpretation. It’s one of those dictionary “look up the dream symbol” sort of books, and sort of the best of the lot the last time I went shopping for such things. I’m still on the hunt for a better one, and I have to admit to wanting something rather specific: I’d like a book in which the name “Sigmund Freud” does not appear. Not even once, except maybe in the tag line on the cover that promises the name won’t be repeated within.

Freud, in my opinion, needed therapy. Does that qualify as irony? The man appeared to be, at the very least, a sex addict, with an alarming fixation on the phallus and incest with one’s mother. Thankfully, my dictionary style dream book also lists Carl Jung’s views on what the symbols mean, but Freud’s “insights” are hard to ignore and continue to tick me off. I think I’ve seen only one or two items listed that he didn’t attribute to a phallus, a vagina, incest, or desire for sexual intercourse.

Siggy, seriously, if you weren’t dead, I’d have a list of qualified psychologists for you to try out – and you could bet your boots they’d all be Jungians.