Grimmie got a makeover, including a new chapter!

As a Grammar Nerd and OCPD neat freak, I couldn’t stand it – I went and edited out every typo I ever found (hopefully I got them all). My husband, author/creator Kevin A. Ranson spruced up the spine and back cover, and helped me with the formatting of the interior file. It looks amazing!

Also, since it was once going to be split into two books, I wrote a new chapter to close out “book one”. I never ended up splitting this behemoth of a book, but I loved the new chapter so much, I included it in this new version. It’s short, but a great addition to the story.

For those who already purchased a trade paperback copy of Grimmie, if you see me at a convention with new copies, bring your former one to show me, and you can get a new copy at a deep discount. The e-book version also has the new edits and new chapter in it, and you can even get an autograph for e-books now. (Details are on the Grimmie page here.)