Scott Kenemore’s latest: The Art of Zombie Warfare

Scott Kenemore has been busy giving all of us great advice in different areas with his first two self-help books, The Zen of Zombie and Z.E.O. Now, with The Art of Zombie Warfare, he’s got all the bases covered! Whether you are tired of being passed over in life, at work, or on the battlefield, Kenemore’s books can help you learn how to stand up and take charge – by shuffling off in a relentless pursuit of brains (i.e.: what you want out of life, work, and battle).

Now before anyone starts chuckling, let me explain something truly unique about these books. Yes, they are funny – a scream, actually – and yes, they are shelved at my local Barnes & Noble Booksellers in the Humor section. The trick is, the secret is, the books really do have some great advice on how to get a head (terrible pun intended).

They will make you laugh, though, and the artwork by Adam Wallenta will have you chuckling merrily away while you’re on the path to a better you. I discovered The Zen of Zombie online, and the moment I saw it, I thought, “This is wild. I have to have that book!” Once I began reading, I knew I’d be happily acquiring a copy of just about anything Scott chose to write next. Three books later, I’ve never been disappointed.

Scott was a panelist at the Spooky Empire convention in Orlando last year, and he will be attending again on panels this October. If you have a chance to attend, don’t miss meeting this author – it is my opinion that he is one of the true rising stars of the next generation of great writers.


Scott can be found here:

Now get out there and make something of yourself: zombie style!