From DVR to DVD-R … conquered, sort of.

I’m sort of a late-bloomer with the whole DVR thing, but I’m getting there. The actual recording process is conquered, but now I’ve gotten a VCR/DVD player that will burn DVDs (early birthday present) and I’m learning how to take the DVR shows and put them onto discs. Heck, just setting up the machine and making it work with my whole entertainment system, cable, etc was a feat in itself. I think I do have it all sussed out, I’ve even discovered how to take the commercials out (I don’t have TIVO) so all I have to do now is finish up a disc, finalize it, and then see if it all worked right by moving it to another machine and seeing if it will play.

The only thing I wish is that you could “grab” certain things in the DVR list of recordings and move them over to burn onto the disc like you do on a computer without having to sit through all the stuff to put it on a disc. If it will do that, I haven’t found it yet. As usual, the “instructions” are more lacking than helpful. Mostly, I jump in, fly blind, and push buttons until I figure out what works!

One thought on “From DVR to DVD-R … conquered, sort of.

  1. Update: This effort is technically a bust. My former attempt was only recording the currently playing show on a given channel, and not the DVR program I thought I was recording onto a disc. I’ve since found out that you cannot take a DVR recorded show and move it anywhere else successfully, due to the DVR recording process changing the file into something that just won’t play on any other media device.

    Alas, this thwarts my plans to have whole collections of Haunted Evidence, Psychic Detectives, etc. *sigh*

    I even hunted online to see if some of these computer/cable wizards had discovered a way to put DVR recordings onto a disc, but no dice. There will be much tearing of sackcloth and gnashing of teeth….


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