Hurricane Ike's Aftermath.

Well, as some of you know, me and mine ended up running to Shiro, Texas on Friday, heading out around 1pm. I’ve just heard today that our homestead is high, dry, and undamaged. Unfortunately, a good deal of Southeast Texas is a scrambled mess, much of it without power and/or under water. We’ve been declared a disaster area, so hopefully federal aide will help put us back to rights before too long. We are going to go on a generator hunt before we head home, and hopefully one can be found. My sister has just made our refugee critters more comfortable, too. We may head home either Monday or Tuesday at this time. For now, the news hasn’t run out of frightening footage of Galveston and Tiki islands. God bless all those left bereft by this storm. I hope we won’t see another one for a decade or better.

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