Happy Birthday, Till Lindemann of Rammstein!

Ah, the voice of my favorite band is having another birthday. Hoist a brew (and maybe a chainsaw) to celebrate, man; you’ve earned it. By the way, the new album kicks booty. Hope to see you and the boys in the USA for it this year!

(For the uninitiated, one of Mr. Lindemann’s hobbies is to carve statues out of wood blocks – with a chainsaw. You’re hardcore, Till; just one of the reasons we adore you).

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Till Lindemann of Rammstein!

  1. Hi Schlaggy! I was going through my Rammstein articles yesterday and reread a lot of them. Till’s answers to questions are the best; I really hope they include Texas on the new tour this summer. I saw them live once in October 2001, and it’s been too long!


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